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- “Maglev”, Chapter 6, Infrastructure Design, Signalling and Security in Railway, pp. 123-176, ISBN 978-953-51-0448-3, InTech, University Campus STeP Ri, Rijeka, Croatia.




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Journal's Papers:

1- Potential Applications of Maglev Railway Technology in China

2- Simulation of stochastic vibration of maglev track inspection vehicle

3- Design of a novel 6-DOF planar maglev system

4- Stability and Hopf Bifurcation of the Maglev System with Delayed Speed Feedback Control

5- High-speed maglev noise impacts on residents: A case study in Shanghai

6- A two-pole Halbach permanent magnet guideway for high temperature superconducting Maglev vehicle

7- Integrated monitoring scheme for a maglev guideway using multiplexed FBG sensor arrays

8- New concepts and new design of permanent maglev rotary artificial heart blood pumps

9- Design, implementation and self-tuning adaptive control of maglev guiding system

10- Influence of the ramp angle on levitation characteristics of HTS maglev

11- Numerical analysis of the superconducting magnet outer vessel of a Maglev train by a structural and electromagnetic coupling method

12- Levitation–guidance stabilization of superconducting maglev through LSM currents

13- Environmental rebound effects of high-speed transport technologies: a case study of climate change rebound effects of a future underground maglev train system

14- Vibration analysis of the maglev guideway with the moving load

15- Analysis of Dynamic Response for HTS MagLev Vehicle Model

16-'Electromaglev' ('active-maglev')-magnetic levitation of a superconducting disk with a DC field generated by electromagnets: Part 3. Theoretical results on levitation  height and stability

17- Heat load tests of superconducting magnets vibrated electromagnetically for the Maglev train

18- Studies on the levitation height decay of the high temperature superconducting Maglev vehicle

19- Characteristic study of high-Tc superconducting maglev under side-loading

20- Sliding wear behavior of copper–graphite composite material for use in maglev transportation system

21- Development of a Novel 5-DOF Controlled Maglev Local Actuator for High Speed Electrical Discharge Machining

22- Design, construction and performance of an EMS-based HTS maglev vehicle

23- Aerodynamic vibrations of a maglev vehicle running on flexible guideways under oncoming wind actions

24- Levitation force relaxation under reloading in a HTS Maglev system

25- Sensor optimisation via H∞ applied to a MAGLEV suspension system.

26- Design of Nonlinear Decoupling Controller for Double-electromagnet Suspension System

27- Response of a maglev vehicle moving on a series of guideways with differential settlement

28- A parametric study on the dynamics of urban transit maglev vehicle running on flexible guideway bridges

29- Levitation characteristics of a high-temperature superconducting Maglev system for launching space vehicles

30- Vibration control of maglev vehicles traveling over a flexible guideway

31- Effect of spring non-linearity on dynamic stability of a controlled maglev vehicle and its guideway system

32- A new type of a active-maglev system using YBCO bulk and multiple electromagnets

33-Characteristics of active-maglev system using YBCO bulk and multiple electromagnets


35- ''Electromaglev'' (''active-maglev'') - magnetic levitation of a superconducting disk with a DC field generated by electromagnets. Part 4: theoretical and experimental results on supercurrent distributions in field-cooled YBCO disks


37- A Study of Vibration Control Systems for Superconducting Maglev Vehicles (Vibration Control of Lateral and Rolling Motions)

38- Heating phenomena in the superconducting magnet of a maglev vehicle caused by electromagnetic vibration

39- Controller design and test results for a four axis HTS coil based Maglev system

40- Canadian developments in superconducting Maglev and linear synchronous motors

41- Shunt protection for superconducting Maglev Magnets

42- Development of a novel maglev positioner with self-stabilizing property

43- Study of the relation between evaluation of strain distribution on superconducting coil and mechanical heat generation

44- A ‘‘V” shaped superconducting levitation module for lift and guidance of a magnetic transportation system

45- A superconducting levitation vehicle prototype

46- Heat load characteristics of new superconducting magnets for the Yamanashi test line

47- Sensorless measurement of pulsatile flow rate using a disturbance force observer in a magnetically levitated centrifugal blood pump during ventricular assistance

48- Numerical evaluation of guidance force decay of HTS bulk exposed to AC magnetic field over a NdFeB guideway

49- Lift and guidance forces by using iron-magnetic track with side rims interacting with passive HTC superconducting plate: Experimental analyses

50- Dynamic interaction analysis of urban transit maglev vehicle and guideway suspension bridge subjected to gusty wind

51- A Superconducting Maglev Vehicle/Guideway System With Preview Control: Part I—Vehicle, Guideway, and Magnet Modeling

52- A Superconducting Maglev Vehicle/Guideway System With Preview Control: Part II—Controller Design and System Behavior

53- Vehicle/Guideway Dynamic Interaction in Maglev Systems

54- Vibration analysis of continuous maglev guideways with a moving distributed load model

55- A small Maglev car model using YBCO bulk superconductors

56- Electromagnetic suspension and levitation


58- Design and analysis of superconducting magnets of a new mixed Maglev model

59- A Simulink simulation framework of a MagLev model








67- Formulation  of a Basic Building Block Model for Interaction of High Speed Vehicle on Flexible Structures

68- Simulation of a Single and Double-Span Guideway under Action of Moving MAGLEV Vehicles with Constant Force and Constant Gap 

69- Modeling and Simulation of Shanghai MAGLEV Train Transrapid with Random Track Irregularities

70- Robust Control Design for Maglev Train with Parametric Uncertainties Using μ - Synthesis

71- Design of Nonlinear Decoupling Controller for Double-electromagnet Suspension System


73- Guideway and turnout switch for the SupraTrans project

74- Development of technical and economical models for widespread application of magnetic levitation system in public transport

75- Design and Evaluation Criteria for Stations of Magnetically Levitated Trains

76- The Most Important Maglev Applications

77- Dynamic Interaction Analysis of Actively Controlled Maglev Vehicles and Guideway Girders Considering Nonlinear Electromagnetic Forces




Magazine's Papers:


1- Analytical Software Design Case MagLev Stage Software Project for Philips Applied Technologies





Conference's Papers:



The 21th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Linear Drives, October 10-13, 2011, Daejeon Convention Center, Daejoen, Korea (Maglev 2011):



Topic 1: MAGLEV Development, Projects and Operational Results of High Speed and Urban Applications Worldwide:

DPO 1 (Oral Presentation):

DPO-01- Urban Maglev in the United States - A Vision of the Future
DPO-02- Application Research on Maglev Transportation in Shanghai
DPO-03- The SwissRapide Express®: Progress and Economical Aspects
DPO-04- The Maglev America Project: A 28,800 Mile National Maglev Network for the United States
DPO-05- Technical Comparison of Maglev and Rail Rapid Transit Systems

DPO 2 (Oral Presentation):

DPO-06- Outlook of the Superconducting Maglev
DPO-07- Will the U.S. Miss its Opportunity for Maglev?
DPO-08- The First Full Scale Functional Prototype of the Superconducting Magnetically Levitated Vehicle MagLev-Cobra
DPO-09- Urban Maglev - Development Plans and Prospects
DPO-10- Review on Incheon International Airport & Urban MagLev Interface

DPOP (Poster Presentation):

DPOP-01- Systems Engineering Management Plan for Korea Urban Maglev Program
DPOP-02- Development of On-board ATC System for Maglev Vehicle
DPOP-03- Load Test Method of Vehicle Body and Bogie Frame for Korean Maglev Vehicle


Topic 2: MAGLEV - New Ideas


MNI (Oral Presentation):

MNI-01- Teaching Magnetic Levitation at Graduate Level

MNI-02- System Requirements Verification based on Requirement Traceability Management System

MNI-03- The MaglevTube Puckpodcar for Mass Urban Transportation

MNI-04- Status of MSBS Study at KAIST


MNIP (Poster Presentation):

MNIP-01- Dynamic Analysis of the Maglev Conveyor for LCD Glass Cassette

MNIP-02- System Requirement Management of Urban Maglev Train with “Barrier Free” Authentication

MNIP-03- Research of Sorption Problem in Hybrid Maglev System

MNIP-04- ATO Data of Train Control System based on Wi-Fi Mesh Telecommunication

MNIP-05- Large Scale Storage of Electrical Energy Using Maglev

MNIP-06- Study of Semi-active Steering System for Urban Maglev



Topic 3: Vehicles and Levitation/Guidance

VLG (Oral Presentation):
VLG-01- Design of an Integrated Gap Sensor for Urban Maglev Train

VLG-02- Superconducting Self-balancing System for Vehicle Suspension and Guide

VLG-03- Modeling and Optimization of EMS Maglev Tracks to Avoid TrackInduced Self-Excited Vibration

VLG-04- Experimental Investigation of High-Temperature Superconducting Magnet for Maglev

VLG-05- Research on Electromagnetic Suspension (EMS) Control Method Based on Force Balance


VLGP (Poster Presentation):

VLGP-01- Development of a Maglev LCD Glass Conveyor
VLGP-02- Modeling of a Maglev Vehicle Considering Flexibility

VLGP-03- Vibration Test between Maglev Vehicle and Switching System

VLGP-04- Effect of the Damper between Maglev Vehicles on Curve Negotiation

VLGP-05- Electromagnetic Levitation with a Low-cost Hall Effect Sensor

VLGP-06- Redundancy Aspects of an Electromagnetic Guiding System for a Vertical Transportation Vehicle

VLGP-07- Consideration of the Non-linearity of Electromagnet for Dynamic Simulation

VLGP-08- Consideration of the Maglev Guideway Irregularities in 3-D Dynamics Simulation

VLGP-09- Electromagnetic Characteristic Analysis of Low-speed Maglev on a Convex Curve

VLGP-10- A Levitation Control Method Rejecting Disturbance from the Guide Way Step Error

VLGP-11- Levitation Controller Design for an Electromagnetic Suspension System Based on Backstepping Algorithm

VLGP-12- Robust Control using Linear Quadratic Method in Hybrid-electromagnetic Suspension System

VLGP-13- Characteristic and Magnetic Field Analysis of a Non-magnetic Secondary Linear Induction Maglev Motor
VLGP-14- The Feedback Control System of Electromagnetic Suspension using Kalman Filter
VLGP-15- Electro-magnetic and Electro-dynamic Sustentation Comparison


Topic 4: Safety and Operational Control


SOC (Oral Presentation):

SOC-01- Safety Management of Maglev Transportation Focusing on Risk Identification & Control

SOC-02- The Research, Development and Application of Operation and Maintenance Management Information Platform (OMIP) of Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line

SOCP (Poster Presentation):

SOCP-01- Fuzzy Gain Scheduling for Magnetic Levitation Control
SOCP-02- Study on the Digital Control System for Low-speed MAGLEV Traction Converter
SOCP-03- Position Sensing and Signal Transmission of Linear Synchronous Motor for High Speed Maglev
SOCP-04- A Traffic Wave based Transport Simulation of Maglev using Discrete Event System Modeling
SOCP-05- A Study on the Life Cycle Cost Calculation of the Maglev Vehicle Based on the Maintenance Information
SOCP-06- System FMECA for Korea Urban Maglev Program


Topic 5: Propulsion, Linear Motors and Energy Supply

PLE 1 (Oral Presentation):

PLE-01- Recent Advancement in Linear Drives Applied to Traction in Japanese Subways; Linear Metros

PLE-02- Proposal of Double-sided Type Transverse Flux Linear Synchronous Motor

PLE-03- Block Switches for LSM Driven Transportation System
PLE-04- Inverter-Fed Multiphase AC Linear Motor under Non-Traditional Control


PLE 2 (Oral Presentation):

PLE-05- Design of a Position Detection Sensor for Linear Synchronous Motors

PLE-06- Energy Efficiency Invariance Laws Acting in the Field of Multiphase Inverter-Fed AC Linear Motors

PLE-07- A New Pipeline System Transporting Coal Ores

PLE-08- Research on the Technology of Power Filter and Compensation System for High Speed Maglev System

PLE-09- Full Speed Range DTC Scheme of LIM for Maglev Vehicle with Efficiency Optimization

PLEP (Poster Presentation):

PLEP-01- A Study on Braking Energy Pattern on Tilting Train

PLEP-02- Optimum LIM Interval Selections of 3D Conveyor System for Control Algorithm Developments
PLEP-03- Optimum Shape Design of Single-Sided Linear Induction Motors using Response Surface Methodology and Finite Element Method
PLEP-04- A Calculation Method of Dynamic Thrust of SLIM for Mid-Low Speed Maglev
PLEP-05- Analytical Design of Small Scale Magnetic Levitation and Propulsion System for Maglev Train Application
PLEP-06- Magnetic Circuit Modeling for the Railway Inductive Power Supply
PLEP-07- Research on Inductance Characteristics of the Linear Synchronous Motor with Various Air Gap Range
PLEP-08- Influence of the Permanent Magnet Structure on Magnetic Forces in Maglev System with Hybrid Magnets

PLEP-09- Analysis the Position Signal Problem in Propulsion System with Long Stator Linear Synchronous Motor
PLEP-10- Investigation of Permanent Magnet Linear Motor for Urban Mass Transit
PLEP-11- The Investigation on the Converter Applied to Low-Speed Maglev
PLEP-12- Modeling for Power Supply Substation in Maglev Train System
PLEP-13- Efficient Switching Pattern for Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter employing Series-connected Input Voltage Sources
PLEP-14- Superconducting Magnet Energy Storage Unit
PLEP-15- Energy Storage Unit for Uninterruptible Power Supply
PLEP-16- Test Method of Linear Induction Motor for Maglev


Topic 6: Guideway and Infrastructure


GAI (Oral Presentation):
GAI-01- Guideway Measurement System for Geometric Control of Short-and Long-ware Curve of the Science Museum Line
GAI-02- Research on High Speed Maglev Guideway System
GAI-03- Development of Ground Coil Type of PLG for Maglev
GAI-04- Adaptation of Existing Railroad Trackage for Levitated Maglev Vehicle Operations
GAI-05- Maglev Guideway Structure Development by Max Bögl

GAIP (Poster Presentation):

GAIP-01- Status of Development of the Segmented 3 Way Maglev Switch and Running Tests

GAIP-02- Development Status of a Segmented Scissors Type Switch for the Urban Maglev

GAIP-03- A Study of the Safety and Reliability Improvement for the Supporter and Epoxy Insulator of Urban MAGLEV Third Rail Systems



Topic 7: Economic and Planning/Feasibility Studies

EPF (Oral Presentation):

EPF-01- Comparison of Maglev and Wheel-rail Track Design Parameters with Focus on Routing, Operation, and Cost-efficiency

EPF-02- Maglev System on the Island of Tenerife

EPFP (Poster Presentation):

EPFP-01- The Moscow - Warsaw - Berlin Project: A High-Speed Maglev for Long Distance Transport


Topic 8: Other Related Topics
(Poster Presentation):  

ORTP-01- Development of Generic Train Operation Model Based on Korean Urban Transit Regulations
ORTP-02- Running-time Comparison of Tilting EMUs with Non-tilting Trains on the Korean Conventional Railway, Jungang Line
ORTP-03- Development of an Urban Maglev Simulator using Virtual Reality Technology
ORTP-04- The Bimodal Tram with Automated Guidance System
ORTP-05- The Requirement Development Process for Urban Transit System using Model Based System Engineering
ORTP-06- Stability Analysis of the Dynamic Behavior of Railway Vehicle System
ORTP-07- Development of the Integrated Railway Vehicle Model considering Catenary, Bogie and Wheel-Rail Contact




The 20th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Linear Drives, 15-19th December 2008, San Diego, USA (Maglev' 2008):


Topic 1: MAGLEV Development, Projects and Operational Results of High Speed and Urban Applications Worldwide:

1- 21 Minutes Flying on the Ground - Qatar - Bahrain MagLev-Link
2- The Swissrapide Express: On Track to Europe's first Intercity Maglev Line
3- Status of Korea's Urban Maglev Program
4- Magnetic Levitation Along The Eastern Seaboard Reduction in Air Travel and Greenhouse Gases
5- Maglev Freight Conveyor Systems
6- A Model to Design a National Maglev Network for Freight Distribution
7- California-Nevada Interstate Maglev Project (CNIMP)
8- Status of the Magnetic Levitation Upgrade to Holloman High Speed Test Track
9- Operation Practice of Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line
10- California University of Pennsylvania (CALU) - Maglev Sky Shuttle
11- Transrapid - Transportation System with High Potential
12- Atlanta-Chattanooga-Nashville High Speed Ground Transportation/Maglev Project
13- Mile High Maglev: Development Trends in Colorado
14- It takes more than technology to deploy Maglev - it takes a strategy and a coalition
15- An M3 Maglev System for Old Dominion University
16- Current Status of Maglev Development Programme
17- Implementation of Cargo Maglev in the United States
18- Latest Generation Maglev Vehicle TR09

Topic 2: MAGLEV - New Ideas:

1- Preliminary Design of the Magplane MagPipe System
2- Innovative American Maglev System
3- Maglev-Cobra: An Urban Transportation Solution Using HTS-Superconductors and Permanent Magnets
4- Effects of the System Parameters to the Behavior of a Magnetic Top
5- Advanced Maglev Projects Based on the Magnetic Potential Well Phenomenon
6- Maglev Wind Turbine - The Wind Power Replacement
7- Maglev Concepts as Proposals to Reduce the Global Climate Problem
8- Extremely Energy-Saving Linear Drive Technique by using Diamagnetic Graphite Plate
9- Development of Low Cost MAGLEV Vehicle for Semiconductor Transport System
10- Development of Maglev Switch for the Urban Transit Maglev in Korea
11- Maple-exploring of a Free Flywheel Suspended by Superconductive Bearing
12- Magnetic Potential Well (MPW) Phenomenon Testing
13- A Full-Scale Module of the Maglev-Cobra HTS-Superconducting Vehicle

Topic 3: Vehicles and Levitation / Guidance

1- Active Damping Actuators Combined with Passive Guidance Force of Polarized Linear Motor - Application to Swissmetro
2- Vehicle Dynamics Design for a PM / EDS Maglev System
3- Design of a Magnetic Levitation System for Commercial Maglev Vehicle
4- Design of a Small-Scale Prototype for a Stabilized Permanent Magnet Levitated Vehicle
5- 5-DOF Magnetic Levitation Control of a Steel Plate Using Observation of the Supported Weight
6- Impact of High-Temperature Superconductors on the Superconducting Maglev
7- Optimization of a Magnetic Rail for the HTS-Superconducting Vehicle Maglev-Cobra
8- Restrain the Effects of Vehicle Guideway Dynamic Interaction: Bandstop Filter Method
9- Tracking Control of magnetic Levitation Systems Using Fast Gain Scheduling
10- Development and validation of a dynamic model of the maglev transportation system at Old Dominion University
11- Generalized Design Models For EMS Maglev
12- An Algorithm to Suppress the Low Frequency Oscillation of EMS Maglev Vehicles
13- Study of Active Suspension Control Methods to Suppress Superconducting Maglev Vehicle Vibrations
14- Modeling of the General Atomics Urban Maglev: System Identification Approach
15- Preliminary Study of High-Temperature Superconducting Magnets Using 2G Wires
16- Fabrication and Testing of Full Scale Components for the 2nd Gen. Maglev-2000 System
17- Structure of Linear PM Halbach Array for EDS Maglev
18- Development of Superconducting Magnets with Current Leads without Gas Cooling
19- State-of-the-art Multibody Dynamic Simulations of EMS-type Maglev Vehicles at KIMM
20- The Design of Halbach Arrays for Inductrack Maglev Systems
21- Modeling and Experimental Validation of an EMS Demonstration Vehicle

Topic 4: Safety and Operational Control

1- A Case Study on the Identification and Control of Urban Maglev Interface Using Vehicle Oriented Functional Analysis
2- Safety Assessment of the Emsland Transrapid Test Facility Following Major Technical Modifications
3- The Maintenance of the HSST Vehicles
4- Check of Operational Rules & Regulations for the Transrapid Test Facility Emsland (TVE)
5- Integrated Modular Systems for Maglev Vehicle Control
6- Model-Based Health Management for Magnetic Levitation systems
7- A Structured Approach to Risk Assessment and Design Safety Analysis of Urban Maglev System
8- The Analyses and Measurements of Electromagnetic Fields for the Urban Maglev Prototype Vehicle
9- Command, Control and Communications - Automatic Train Control System
10- Service Availability of the Urban Maglev System in Korea
11- A Study on the Application of RAMS for Signalling System (Maglev)
12- Controller Design for Commercial Maglev Vehicle

Topic 5: Propulsion, Linear Motors and Energy Supply
1- Experiments on a magnetically levitated planar actuator
2- Phase Set Shift Effect for Cogging Force Reduction in Linear Motor
3- powerTRACE - a Novel Power Transmission and Actuator Entity
4- TF Linear Motor with Passive Guideway for Low Speed Transport
5- New Equivalent Circuits of Single-sided Linear Induction Motor
6- Characteristic Analysis of a Rotary Model of a Linear Induction Motor used for an Urban Railway Transit
7- Innovation of the Transrapid Propulsion System
8- Characteristics of the Attractive Force And The Thrust Force of Linear Induction Motor driven by Modified Trapezoidal Modulated Power Source
9- Optimal Parameters for Filter of Maglev Power Supply System Using Improved Genetic Algorithms
10- A study on results of TPS according to the optimum traction power supply system of Urban MAGLEV railway
11- Transient Analysis of Offset Stator Double Sided Short Rotor Linear Induction Motor Accelerator
12- New Developments on the MAGLEV Long Stator Winding Cable
13- Sensorless Vector Control for LSLSM Using PI Tracking Method
14- Design and Analysis of Linear Reluctance Machine for Transportation

Topic 6: Guideway and Infrastructure

1- The New Steel Guideway
2- Hopf Bifurcation of Maglev System with Coupled Elastic Guideway
3- Urban Maglev Fiber Reinforced Concrete Girder Design, Development and Testing
4- Stress Evaluation of the PLG Ground Coil Inserted GFRP Fastening Devices
5- A Maglev Guideway Girder System with Trapezoidal Open Steel Box Girder and Precast Decks Proposed for the Route of the Center for Urban Maglev Program in Korea
6- A Study of the Vehicle Maintenance Facilities Plan for the Urban Maglev Program in Korea
7- Transrapid's guideway system Bögl
8- Switching, Networks and Maglev
9- MSB-TRACK-2010 -Recent Development in Guideway Design
10- Long Wave Guideway Contour Monitoring
11- Urban Maglev Integrated Guideway/Girder Module (IGGM) Design
12- Sound Improvements of Transrapid Girders
13- New Guideway Design For Urban Maglev In Korea

Topic 7: Economic Planning and Feasibility Studies

1- High Tech Projects - Chances by Shifting Paradigm
2- Availability and punctuality analysis for the Shanghai Transrapid
3- Optimization of lengths of maglev trains
4- Environmental Benefits of Transrapid
5- Maglev, Petroleum Demand, and Global Warming
6- Maglev System Benchmarking by Planning Metropolitan Mass Public Rapid Transit with a View on The City of Zagreb
7- Regulations for High-speed Maglev System
8- Prospects and Limitations of High-Speed Maglev Systems: Aspects of an Interdisciplinary Approach


The 19th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Linear Drives, 13-15th September 2006, Dresden, Germany (Maglev' 2006):


Topic 1: MAGLEV Development, Projects and operational Results of High Speed (Urban) Applications worldwide

1- Experience in operation and maintenance of Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line and further application of maglev in China
2- The status of development and running tests of Superconducting Maglev
3- State of progress on the high-speed maglev line project between Munich's central railway station and its airport
4- Transrapid Maglev System - Fields of Application
5- Study of Optimal Design Speed of High-speed Maglev Project
6- Current Status of Maglev Development Programme
7- Marketing Strategy of the HSST System
8- The Developmental Status and Future Prospects of Maglev Technology
9- General Atomics Urban Maglev Program Status
10- Global Modelisation of the Swissmetro Maglev using a numerical Platform
11- Summary of automatic operation of Linimo and achievement in opening year
12- Technology and System Layout of the Transrapid Maglev Project Munich
13- Project Approval Procedure
14- Utilisation of the TRANSRAPID in Europe
15- Transrapid - Increasing push and pull of touristic destination
16- The Transrapid Superspeed Maglev Technology - System Characteristics and Market Potential
17- Transrapid Maglev Projects in the U.S.A.
18- US Maglev Coalition
19- California-Nevada Interstate Maglev Project (CNIMP)
20- Innovative Stations for an Innovative Transport System - the Maglev Stations Munich Central Railway Station ("Hauptbahnhof") - Airport
21- Availability and Punctuality of the Transrapid system - Requirements and operating experience
22- The Transrapid Testfacility (TVE) - Practical testing for success in commercial operation
23- Approval Process for Maglev Projects in Germany

Topic 2: MAGLEV - New Ideas

1- The Experimental Verification of the Lift, Thrust and Guidance Forces Created by an Electrodynamic Wheel Rotating Over a Split-Sheet Guideway
2- Characteristics of superconducting magnetic bearings for 50kWh-class flywheel system
3- Basic Propulsion Characteristics of the Superconducting-Permanent Magnet Hybrid Conveyance System
4- The Magtube low cost maglev transportation system
5- The one-dimensional finite element analysis technique for real-time vibration control of thin-steel-plate
6- Super Conductive Levitation Based on the Magnetic Potential Well Phenomenon
7- Preliminary experimental study on new contact-free linear drive system using diamagnetic material
8- A Magnetic Levitated Switched Reluctance Motor System for High- Precision Position Control Applications
9- SwissRapide Express, A Maglev High-Speed Line for Switzerland
10- Photoelectric distributed energy supply for Maglev propulsion system
11- Computational and wind tunnel experiment in high-speed ground vehicle aerodynamics
12- Electromagnetic Actuation for Rail and Road Vehicles

Topic 3: Vehicles and Levitation / Guidance

1- Design Aspects of Coils for EDS Levitation Systems
2- Characteristics of Linear Generator with SC Coil Configuration to Reduce Leakage Flux
3- A Fuzzy based Treatment to reduce Air-gap Disturbance at the Rail Joints with Step-wise Rail joint
4- Development of new-type superconducting magnets for the Superconducting Maglev
5- A turnout switch for the superconductively levitated transport system SupraTrans
6- Dynamic behaviour of a linear superconducting levitation transport system using YBCO bulk material
7- Numerical analysis of elastic vibration of superconducting maglev vehicles
8- Development of superconducting magnet with HTS current lead
9- GA Urban Maglev - Stable Levitation, Propulsion and Guidance
10- Multifunctional Magnetic Vibration Simulator for EDS Maglev
11- Examination of levitation of thin non-magnetic conductor by ac electoromagnet type electro dynamic suspension
12- Design and experiment of "U" shaped iron-magnetic guideway interacting with HTS "runner" for lift and guidance of vehicle
13- State of levitation of Linimo (HSST system) during EXPO2005
14- Design and Development of the Transrapid TR09
15- Crash Safety System of the Maglev Vehicle
16- On the influence of structural flexibility on feedback control system stability for EMS Maglev vehicles
17- A Time Delay-Based gain Scheduled Control For Electromagnetic Suspension System
18- Control system and experimental results on a PM maglev test bed
19- Passive Guidance Forces of Polarized Linear Motors Combined With Levitation Actuators Working in Partial Vacuum - Application to Swissmetro
20- Design considerations for the hunting and braking performance of Maglev vehicle utilizing permanent magnet EDS levitation system

Topic 4: Safety and Operational Control

1- From commissioning to scheduled services - the way to regular services for the maglev line between Munich Central Station and the Airport
2- Application Design Assessment Engines
3- Magplane Design for Safety and Risk Assessment Framework
4- Safety Assessment for the Maglev Vehicle TR09 - an approach based on CENELEC railway standards
5- Safety Assessment for the Maglev Operation Control and Overall System - Experience Gained and Lessons Learned
6- Novel train position detecting system in the Yamanashi Maglev Test Line
7- Multi Service Radio Communication for MAGLEV and Train Systems
8- Commissioning Operation Control Systems
9- High-speed maglev availability methodology - adapting the existing availability methodology to an automated transport system using the example of the high-speed maglev line between Munich's central railway station and its airport
10- Training and Supervision of the Vehicle Maintenance for the Shanghai Maglev Transrapid Project
11- Maintenance criteria for renewal of operating licence
12- The investigation of accidents and incidents regarding the safety directive of the European Union
13- The role of the safety concept within the approval process
14- Munich Central Station - Airport Maglev Safety Concept
15- Passenger evacuation concept as applied for the Munich Transrapid, taking particular consideration of possible fire incidents
16- New Operation Control System Release for the Transrapid Test Facility, Emsland


Topic 5: Propulsion, Linear Motors and Energy Supply

1- Inductive Power Supply (IPS®) for the Transrapid
2- The support magnet cladding with integrated IPS® pick-up coil of Transrapid vehicles
3- Optimization of the Transrapid Propulsion System
4- Development of ground coils for the Superconducting Maglev
5- Analysis of the reliabilities of maglev train power system with DFTA method
6- Contact-less energy transmission for Maglev
7- Diagnosis and evaluation techniquefor superconducting magnet and ground coils
8- Test Results of Superconducting Magnet for Simplified Ground Coils
9- Comparison between resonant and PI controllers for thrust control of a permanent magnet linear synchronous motor
10- A Gap Detector of Linear Synchronous Motors in the Maglev System
11- Contactless inductive power supply
12- Equivalent Circuit Model with Parameters Depending on Secondary Speed for High-Speed Transport - A Smart Combination of Classical Modeling and Numerical Electromagnetic Calculation
13- DTC-based Position and Velocity Control for PM LSM Carrier at LowSpeedRange
14- Direct Thrust Control by Direct Gap Flux Measurements for Linear Induction Motors
15- Third Generation Flywheels For High Power Electricity Storage


Topic 6: Guideway and Infrastructure
1- The Guideway
2- Guideway Maintenance
3- Transrapid Guideway: Safety Assessment on A New Design of Long Stator Pack Fastening
4- Comparison of the geometrical requirements for guideways of Transrapid and wheel-on-rail
5- Basis- and In-service-Inspection of Track and Vehicle Components of the Transrapid
6- Development of guideway sidewall using ultra high strength fiber reinforced concrete
7- Electromagnetic vibration test for durability verification of ground coil
8- Simulation of Dynamic Interaction between Maglev and Guideway using FEM
9- MSB-Track-2010 - A new guideway for the TRANSRAPID
10- Primary constructions for traversing traffic routes with the maglev train
11- Actual Development in Guideway Constructions at the Example of the Transrapid Munich Project
12- Comparison of at-grade or elevated Guideway Construction and Railroad Tracks
13- Aerodynamic Aspects of Maglev Systems
14- Various aspects of aerodynamics and their implications on the design of the tunnels and underground stations of the magnetic levitation high-speed link in Munich (MAGLEV)
15- Displacement behavior of shallow foundations under cyclic loading
16- Tribological Optimised CFC-Gliding Elements and Ceramic-Coatings on the Gliding Strip for the Transrapid System
17- A new guideway for Transrapid - The Munich girder
18- Guideway Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Hybrid Girder Design
19- Analysis of Electromagnetic Force and Vibration caused by Passing Maglev Train on Guideway Switch
20- Dynamic behavior of guideway switch beams
21- Research on Alignment Planning & Designing of High-speed Maglev Guideway
22- Transrapid Guideway - Some suggestions for improved inspection methods and design
23- Alignment measurement and control of maglev track
24- Magplane Guideway and LSM Heat Transfer


Topic 7: Economic and Planning/Feasibility - Studies
1- Transrapid in the context of urban and regional transport planning
2- Complex optimization of parameters of Maglev systems is a basic condition of their implementation
3- Transportation Market Study Yangtze Delta
4- Magplane China Pre-Feasibility Studies
5- Transrapid - Munich Main Station - Munich Airport Project management for planning, engineering and design from pre-design to approval
6- Feasibility study of an HTS-Maglev line at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
7- An Entire Comparison of Maglev and High-Speed Railway Systems
8- A Study for High Speed Transport in Paneuropean Corridor IV
9- Operating Concept and System Design of a Transrapid Maglev Line and a High-Speed Railway in the pan-European Corridor IV
10- Risk Evaluation of the Guideway by Stochastic Approaches
11- Transrapid in Great Britain - Project UK Ultraspeed


The 18th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Linear Drives, 26-28th October 2004, Shanghai, China (Maglev' 2004):


Topic 1: High Speed MAGLEV Developments and Projects

1- Development of the Maglev Transportation in China
2- Achievements of Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Operation Line and the Maglev Development Strategy
3- Governmental Cooperation between China and Germany in the Field of Maglev Technology and our Understanding of the Future Development of Maglev Technology
4- Further Development Programme for the TRANSRAPID of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing
5- The Maglev System Transrapid – a Futureoriented Technology for Track-bound Transport Systems
6- Comparison of Maglev Projects Planned for U.S. and Germany Using Transrapid Technology
7- Appendix 1
8- The Status of the Running Tests of JR-Maglev
9- Future Prospects for Maglev Technology Applications
10- The First HSST Maglev Commercial Train in Japan
11- Technical-economical System Comparison of High Speed Railway Systems
12- Overview of the 2004 Magplane Design
13- The Transrapid Superspeed Maglev Technology – System Characteristics and Market Potential
14- Status of the Superspeed Transrapid Maglev System – Technological Progress for Future Applications
15- Transrapid Project Shanghai
16- The Transrapid Test Facility (TVE) - Experience for Startup and Commissioning of Shanghai Maglev
17- Field of Application for the Maglev System and its Requirements from the View Point of a Transport Company
18- Pennsylvania High Speed Maglev Project
19- California-Nevada Interstate Maglev Project
20- The Transrapid Munich Airport Link – System Engineering and System Layout
21- Current Stage of Affairs of the Magnetic Levitation Project in Munich
22- Simulating the Proposed Munich Maglev System on the Transrapid Test Facility in Emsland
23- Comparison of Train Resistances of TRANSRAPID and MLX01
24- Complex Method of Optimization Magnet Levitation Transport Systems and Determinations of Spheres of their Effective Applications
25- Two Performance Parameters – When Acceleration Is More Important Than Speed in Modern Ground Transportation Systems
26- Future Maglevs in China and Beyond

Topic 2: Urban MAGLEV Development and Projects

1- Status of the General Atomics Low Speed Urban Maglev Technology Development Program (Plenary Session Paper)
2- Linear Synchronous Motor Control for an Urban Maglev
3- Urban Maglev Integrated Guideway Girder Module
4- Air Suspended and LIM Propulsion Transport System for goods: TALPINO introduced by WALUSO e.V
5- The First Urban Maglev Transport Application in Japan
6- The Tobu Kyuryo Line (Popular Name: Linimo): A Magnetic Levitation System

Topic 3: New Ideas

1- A Preliminary Investigation of an Electrodynamic Wheel for Simultaneously Creating Levitation and Propulsion Jonathan Bird
2- Superconductively Levitated Transport System – the SupraTrans Project
3- Design of the Guideway for the SupraTrans Project
4- Experimental Model Device with Bulk HTSC Ring and Iron-Homopolar Magnetic Guideway: Maglev Tests and Numerical Analyses (Paper Missing!)
5- An Experimental Study on the Controllability of HTS Coils in MAGLEV Systems
6- Design, Construction and Performance of an EMS-based HTS Maglev Demonstrator
7- Potential of the Superspeed Transportation System Transrapid in Future Application, Technical Innovations,Economic Feasibility
8- Some more Schemes of Suspension in Potential Wells (Missing!)
9- Basic Comparative Study on Magnetically Levitated Highways and Magnetically Levitated Railways Focused on Space Performance
10- A Laminated Track for the Inductrack System: Theory and Experiment
11- MAS System Maglev
12- The SemiMaglev UrbanautTM – A New Total Monorail Concept

Topic 4: Power Supply Strategy

1- Safety Certification and Approval of the Propulsion and Power Supply System of the Transrapid Shanghai
2- The Research on Power Test of Shanghai High-Speed Maglev Transportation
3- Optimal Design of Filter System in Power Supply System of Maglev
4- The Calculation of the Characteristic and Non-Characteristic Harmonic Current of the Maglev System
5- The Novel Power Supply System in the Yamanashi Maglev Test Line

Topic 5:
Vehicle, Guideway and Infrastructure

1- Guideway Bearing Technology used in Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line
2- Guideway Research for Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line
3- The German Transrapid Guideway – Conclusions on the Guideway´s First Use in Shanghai
4- Guideway Monitoring during Operational Use on the First Transrapid Line in Shanghai
5- Actual Developments in Guideway Constructions at the Example of the TRANSRAPID Munich Project
6- Interaction Vehicle / Guideway Guideway Design Aspects for the Munich Airport Link
7- The Measurement and Analysis of the New-Type Guideway
8- Characteristics and Verification of the New Concrete Gliding Strip for Transrapid Guideway
9- The Characteristics of the Levitation System of Linimo (HSST System)
10- Vibration Analysis of Elastic-Rigid Coupling EMS Maglev System
11- Vibration Control of Maglev Vehicles Utilizing a Linear Generator
12- Environmental Planning for Munich’s Transrapid Airport Link, in particular Noise and Vibration Protection
13- Ride Comfort of Transrapid Vehicles in Shanghai
14- Dynamic Responses of the Low-speed Maglev Vehicle on the Curved Guideway
15- Dynamic Simulation of the EMS Maglev Vehicle-Guideway-Controller Coupling System
16- On the Calculation of Aerodynamic Characteristics of High-Speed Ground Vehicles on the Base of Three-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations
17- Test Results on the New Vehicles of the JRMaglev
18- Investigations about the Sound Radiation Characteristic at Different Types of Girders
19- Development of Active Noise Control System using Piezo Ceramic Loudspeakers
20- Noise Measurement on Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line
21- Field Measurement of Passing Pressure on High Speed Maglev Vehicles
22- Maglev Requirements for Tunnels
23- The Transrapid Guideway Switch – Test and Verifikation
24- Environmental Impact Assessment on the Tobu-Kyuryo-Line (HSST System) in Japan
25- Electromagnetic Environment Assessment for the Tobu-Kyuryo-Line (HSST System) in Japan

Topic 6:
Safety, Operation Control and Maintenance
Safety Assessment & Approval System of Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line and ist Practice
2- System Safety Verification of the Shanghai Maglev Line
3- The Transrapid Munich Airport Link – Operation, Safety and Approval
4- TR08 Maglev Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiation (EMR): Characteristics and Safety Standards
5- Fault Tolerant Control of Electromagnetic Levitation System
6- Device for Determination of Spatial Position of Magnitolevitative Transport Vehicle (Paper Missing!)
7- Routing for the Pennsylvania Maglev System by a Genetic Algorithm
8- The Discussion of The Long-distance Maglev Transportation Organization Mode
9- The Transrapid Maglev Maintenance Process
10- The Application of MMS on Unscheduled Maintenance of Transrapid
11- The MAGLEV Radio System – Features for Future Applications
12- Data Transfer and Exchange in Information Systems of Transrapid Shanghai

Topic 7: Propulsion and Linear Motors
1- SWISSMETRO: Combined Propulsion with Levitation and Guidance
2- Development and Operation Results of Transrapid Propulsion System
3- Analysis and Optimize Methods for the Output Waveform of the High Power Converter in High Speed Maglev
4- New Long Stator Winding (LSW) Cable with Aero-Z Conductor for High Speed Up with Short Round-Trip Time
5- Transrapid Motor Winding with Optimized Grounding System
6- Transrapid Motor Cable Mounting Technology
7- Effect of the Permanent Magnet Location to Magnetic Forces in Maglev System with Hybrid Magnets
8- Propulsion Control of Air-Suspended Hybrid Linear Motor Vehicle Based on Decoupled Control in SLIM/LSM
9- Analytical Computation of the Electromotive Forces in Synchronous Linear Electrical Machines
10- Analytical Evaluation of the Electromotive Forces in Synchronous Linear Electrical Machines
11- The Independent Control of Thrust and Levitation Forces with a Third Order Harmonics Injection Method for TFLIM
12- Multipurpose Design Optimization of Linear Induction Motors for EMS Type Maglev Vehicles
13- Design of a Control Mechanism of a Maglev Carriage for Space Launch and Its Dynamic Stability
14- Development of the Ground Coil for Practical Use by the Combined Propulsion, Levitation and Guidance System
15- Development of a Superconducting Magnet for Simplified Ground Coils
16- Airport Baggage Handling System using U Asynchronous Linear Motors
17- Magnetic Field and Thrust of Hybrid excitation Linear Synchronous Motor
18- The Finite Element Analysis of Magnetic Field of the Hybrid Excitation Linear Synchronous Motor with Permanent Magnet and Electric Excitation
19- Thrust Control of the Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor with Multi- Frequency Resonant ontrollers
20- Analysis and Design of a Tubular Linear Permanent Magnet Servo Motor
21- Static Thrust of a Short Primary Linear Reluctance Motor with Simple Secondary Structure
22- Design, Fabrication, DSP Implementation and Comparison of Simulated Performance of a Linear Induction Motor for P-I and H Control Schemes

Topic 8: Magnetic Levitation and Guidance
1- Dynamics of a Vehicle with New Systems for Electrodynamics Levitation and Guidance (Paper Missing)
2- Dynamics and Control Requirements for EMS Maglev Suspensions
3- Dynamic Modeling and Control of the Magplane Vehicle
4- Comparison of Total Performances for High-Speed EMS-type Magnetically Levitated Railway Vehicle
5- 6 Degrees of Freedom Control through Three Electromagnets and Three Linear Induction Motors
6- Influence of Eddy Current Induced in Steel Rails on Electromagnetic Force Characteristics of EMS Maglev Systems
7- Characteristics of SC Coil Configuration for EDS Maglev to Reduce Leakage Flux with Strengthened Magnetomotive Force
8- Electromagnetic Analysis of the Electro- Dynamic Suspension with the Two Dimensional Finite Element Method
9- The Design and Simulation of an Adaptive Maglev Control Algorithm Based on Oscillation Observation
10- Examination of the Follow-up Control System of Two Desired Values to Suppress the Elastic Vibration in a Thin Steel Plate
11- A Superconducting Magnetic Levitation Train Prototype in Closed Loop Track
12- The Levitation Control Simulation of Maglev Bogie Based on Virtual Prototyping Platform and Matlab
HONG Huajie

13- The Design of a Magnetic Levitation Controller Based on the Study of Coupling Vibration
14- Maglev System with Hybrid-excited Magnets and an Air-gap Length Control
15- Levitation Control Scheme for the Hybrid Maglev System without Acceleration Sensor
16- Electromagnetic Levitation Control of Contactless Linear Synchronous Drive for a Flexible Vertical Transportation

Topic 9:
On Board Energy Supply and Energy Transfer
1- Calculation of Electromotive Force Induced by the Slot Harmonics and Parameters of the Linear Generator
2- Design of New Contactless Power Supply System
3- Experimental Study on Pot Core Transformer for Contactless Power Supply
4- Dual-Phase DC-DC Converter for Fuel Cell Power Supply in Transportation

Topic 10:
1- Rotordynamics of a Passive Magnet Bearing System
2- Controllability and Observability of 2 DOF Permanent Magnet Maglev System with Linear Control
3- Research on a Novel Radial Magnetic Bearing
4- Research on Permanent Magnet Biased Hybrid Magnetic Bearing


The 17th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Linear Drives, 3-5th September 2002, Lausanne, Switzerland (Maglev' 2002):



Topic 1: MAGLEV - World Wide High Speed Industrial Developments and Projects

- Scientific, Technical And Industrialization Status:
1- Failure Mode and Endurance Tests of the CHSST 100L System
2- High-Speed Surface Transport System : Nagoya East Hillside Line and the Operational Testing for 3-Car Vehicle Prototype
3- Maglev Program in Korea
4- Passive Damping in EDS Maglev Systems
5- Transrapid Shanghai – Demonstration Line. German High Technology with Chinese Boundary Conditions
6- Transrapid Operation Control System - Technical Prerequisites for Short Headways
7- The Status of the developments and the running tests of JR-Maglev
8- Risk Assessment of High Speed Transport
9- The Hybrid Guideway Girder Development and first application in Shanghai
10- On the Development Strategy of the High-Speed MAGLEV In China

- Social, Environmental And Ecological Aspects - Eco Balances:
1- System Features and Application Projects of the Transrapid Maglev System
2- Operator Requirements for the Maglev High-Speed Train in Regional Transport
3- Programme of the Federal government to ensure the future of German Maglev technology
4- Construction of Shanghai Transrapid Demonstration Line
5- Swissmetro : development stages that lead from a project to a marketing product
6- Swissmetro : high-speed corridors and possible pilot line
7- Swissmetro : Basle-Zurich inter-airport and intercity connections

- Comparisons: Evaluations Of High Speed Systems (MAGLEV versus TGV, Air Traffic):
1- Environmental Evaluation Of Future Transport Technologies
2- Energetic and Environmental Assessment of a Eurometro
3- Energy and Environmental Assessment of a Eurometro Demand and Network - Influential Factors
4- Swissmetro : Ecobalance and sustainability
5- Technical And Economical Aspects Of The Transrapid Compared To Traditional HSR Systems
6- Ways of increase of efficiency of Maglev-transport with the purpose of acceleration of its introduction
7- High Speed Transport and Climate Change - a new Challenge

Topic 2: MAGLEV - New Ideas

- Scientific, Technical And Industrialization Status:
1- Dual Mode, The AVT and Maglev

2- The current state of the brazilian project for a superconducting magnetic levitation train
3- A Vision For The Development Scenario Of The Maglev Highways
4- Contact Free Static Stable Equilibrium In The Ground And Space Systems
5- Maglev System Maintenance Strategy
6- New Development in Transrapid Vehicle Technology
7- New Maglev transport concept and its acceptability to Swissmetro
8- AMLEV: a new alternative of Maglev
9- Swissmetro : a metasystem engineering view to the project

- Marketing, Political And Financial Aspects:
1- Management and Decision-making in projects with strong technological rupture, Case of High Speed Ground Transportation Systems
2- Autoshuttle Feasibility, Financial and Environmental Analysis
3- Swissmetro : management of complex large-scale innovation projects
4- Swissmetro - On our Way to Documenting an 'External' Rate of Return (ERR)

Topic 3: URBAN TRANSPORTS (Linear Propulsion) - Industrial Developments and Projects

- Scientific, Technical And Industrialization Status:
1- Technology Development For US Urban Maglev
2- Urban Maglev Development In USA
3- Overview Of The General Atomics Urban Maglev Program
4- Evaluation Method Of Maglev For Introducing Urban Transport In Japan
5- Air Suspended And LIM Propulsion Transit System And Nect Generation PRT
6- Booster concepts for increase of tractive effort
7- Comparison between Short-stator and Long-stator Linear Drives of Maglev System for Regional Transport
8- A New Elevator System and its Implementation

- Marketing, Political And Financial Aspects:
1- The Aesthetics of Superlight Design

- Environmental And Ecological Aspects - Eco Balances
1- The Correction Of The Functional State Of Crews Of Magnitolevitative Vehicles

Topic 4: MAGLEV - Power Supply Strategy


- Power Supply for Propulsion
1- Novel Feeding System for Maglev aiming at Cost Reduction
2- Power Supply and Propulsion System for Transrapid Commercial Lines
3- Sensorless Control System of Superconducting Maglev
4- The Effect Analysis of MAGLEV on the Voltage of Power System

- Energy Balance
1- Swissmetro : Energy balance of the Basle-Zurich link

Topic 5: MAGLEV - Vehicle - Guideway - Infrastructure

- Vehicle and Spatial Integration Designs
1- MAGLEV Vehicle Design for Permanent Magnet Levitation Electro- Dynamic Suspension (EDS) System
2- New development of mild steel with improved magnetic properties at low field
3- New type of vehicles for Yamanashi Maglev Test Line
4- Durability Verification of the Practical Ground Coil for Propulsion
5- The Development of the New-Type Guideway in the Yamanashi Test Line
6- Experimental research for the liners of the Swissmetro tunnels
7- Swissmetro - Gas permeability of cracked concrete slabs
8- Geological Aspects of Swissmetro, a Long Distance High Speed Transport System
9- Swissmetro: structure of a tunnel under partial vaccum

- Aerodynamic Behavior And Aerodynamic Impacts On Design Constraints
1- On the Aerodynamic Calculation of High-Speed Ground Transport Vehicles
2- Swissmetro : the alleviation of aerodynamic drag and wave effects of high-speed trains in very long tunnels
3- Swissmetro : overview of experimental approaches to control aerodynamic effects associated with maglev systems

- Dynamic Mechanical Resonance And Vibrations, Speed And Frequency Limits
1- Numerical Analysis of the Vehicle Dynamics of the Superconducting Maglev System at the Yamanashi Test Line
2- Ride Dynamics of an Urban Maglev
3- Semi-active Suspension System for the Yamanashi Maglev Vehicles
4- The stable suspension of the bodies in dynamic potential wells.
5- Analysis of dynamics and stability of a high-speed vehicle with electrodynamics levitation and guidance
6- Route Alignment and Riding quality considerations of Guideways for the Maglev Transrapid
7- Swissmetro : guideways for high-speed applications - from HISTaR to Swissmetro

Topic 6: MAGLEV And HSTS - Safety And Operation Control


- Safety And Design Constraints (Stations, Vehicles, Track, Tunnels)
1- Safety Evaluation and Assessment of Materials and Assembly Technologies for Vehicle TR 08
2- Swissmetro : Safety aspects related to the low pressure environment

- Safety And Exploitation Constraints
1- Radiowave Informative - Control System For Magnitolevitated Vehicles With Electromagnetic Suspension


Topic 7: Propulsion And Linear Motors: Motors And Controls

- Scientific and Technical Developments
1- Control of a Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor using Multiple Reference Frame Theory
2- LIM: Optimization of Secondary Width respect to the Thrust
3- Advanced converter and control components for Transpapid
4- Linear Synchronous Motor With Travelling Vawe-Excitation
5- 4 Poles 3 Degrees of Freedom Magnetic Levitation Control And Its Coordination With Two-Dimensional Linear Motor
6- Development of a Maglev Space Transport System
7- Principle and Analysis of a Novel Linear Synchronous Motor with Half-Wave Rectified Self Excitation
8- Approaching the Analysis of Linear Machines via Artificial Neural Networks
9- Experimental Design Method applied to the Optimisation of a Linear Eddy Current Brake
10- Performance estimation of linear tubular actuators
11- Design and Simulation of an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System
12- Demo-Track using a Linear Inducton Motor
13- Linear Electric Motors for Aerospace Launch Assist

- Transport System Applications
1- Linear Motor Propulsion for Urban Transit

- Industrial Applications
1- Control of a 2.4MW Linear Synchronous Motor for launching roller-coasters
2- Electrical performance of two different types of permanent magnet linear synchronous machines with vector control

- Propulsion: Magnetic Hydrodynamic
1- Fundamental Study on Alternating Magnetic Field MHD Thruster

Topic 8: Magnetic Levitation and Guidance: Transducers And Controls


- Electromagnetic Levitation (EML or EMS) and Guidance
1- Improved magnetic modelling of EMS Maglev levitators
2- Design of scaled prototypes of EMS Maglev levitators, based on an improved magnetic modelling
3- Fuzzy Control of a Magnetic Levitation System for a Linear Drive and Comparison with a State Control
4- Design of EMS-Magnetically Levitated System Based on Genetic Algorithm
5- Towards Self - Sensing EMS Levitation Systems
6- Repulsive Permanent Magnets Transportation System
7- Magnetic levitation control of thin steel plate with reduced number of gap sensors using real-time finite element 8- The Magnetic Levitation System with Two Desired Values to Suppress the Elastic Vibration of the Thin Steel


- Electrodynamic Levitation (EDL or EDS) and Guidance
1- Improvement of the damping using the active damper coils system in the superconducting magnetically levitated bogie
2- Optimized design of 8-figure null-flux coils in EDS Maglev

- Superconducting Quantum Levitation (SQL)
1- Levitation property of magnetically levitated spinning top on a PM and a bulk HTS


Topic 9: Transfer Of Energy To A Vehicle And On Board Energy Supply


- Scientific and Technical Developments
1- Optimisation of Inductive Energy Transmission System with an extraordinarily large Air Gap

- High Speed Transport System Applications (Transfer With And Without Mechanical Contacts)
1- High Speed Maglev Conveyor for Bulk Materials
2- Development of a Distributed-type Linear Generator
3- Swissmetro : design methods for ironless linear transformer

- Fuel Cells, Super Condensators
1- Fuel Cell Systems for Electrical Vehicles : Solutions, Modelling and Test benches design
2- A new design for an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) by associating Supercapacitors and a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
3- Thermal study of supercapacitor serial resistance
4- Considerations on the Energy Efficiency of a Supercapacitive Tank

Topic 10: Magnetic Bearings - Typical Industrial Applications

- Passive Magnetic Bearings
1- Electrodynamic passive magnetic bearing using reluctance forces
2- Optimization of two-dimensional permanent magnet arrays for diamagnetic levitation

- Active Magnetic Bearings
1- A New Approach for Controlling Active Magnetic Levitation Systems
2- Magnetic levitation and rotation of sub-millimetric spherical rotors
3- Results on Self-sensing Active Magnetic Bearings

- Super Conducting Magnetic Bearing (SMB)
1- Stability Suspension And Dynamics of The Rotor With Superconducting Magnetic Bearing




1- Proposal of Maglev Guideway Girder by Structural Optimization: Civil Works of Center for Urban Maglev Program in Korea



4- Application of Magnetic Levitation in Active Mechanical Suspension Systems



Other Papers:


1- Engineering Comparison of High-Speed Rail and Maglev Systems: A Case Study of Beijing-Shanghai Corridor

2- Technology Comparison: High Speed Ground Transportation, Transrapid Superspeed Maglev and Bombardier JetTrain




Free Maglev Reports to Download


1- U. S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, "Assessment of CHSST Maglev for U.S. Urban Transportation", Final Report

2- U. S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, "Urban Maglev Technology Development Program, COLORADO MAGLEV PROJECT", Final Report

3- Federal Transit Administration Office of Mobility Innovation, "Proceedings of the Federal Transit Administration’s Urban Maglev Workshop"


5- U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, "General Atomics Low Speed Maglev Technology Development Program" (Supplemental #3), Final Report

6- U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, Office of Technology, Urban Maglev Technology Development Program, Colorado Maglev Project, "Comparison of Linear Synchronous and Induction Motors"

7- U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration, Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement, "Maglev Deployment Program", Volume I

8- Draft Components Step A Screening Report

9- Magnetic Levitation Space Propulsion

10- New Ways: Tiltrotor Aircraft and Magnetically Levitated Vehicles 

11- U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration, California MAGLEV Project


13- Bradley University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, "Magnetic Levitation Train", Final Report

14- U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, "MagneMotion Maglev M3", The M3 Urban Transportation System

15- Boston to Montreal High-Speed Rail Feasibility Study

16- The University of California, Transportation Center, "The Transrapid Magnetic Levitation System: A Technical and Commercial Assessment"


18- U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration, "Applicability of CHSST Maglev Technology for U.S. Urban Transportation"

19- Structural Protection of Railway Bridges


21- TR Guideway Girders

22- Practical Applications of Magnetic Levitation Technology

23- Development of dynamic interaction analysis program considering three dimensional track irregularity in a vacuum tube




Free Maglev Theses to Download



2- Department of Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Graduate School of Engineering Kochi University of Technology, "Multi Degrees of Freedom Maglev System with Permanent Magnet Motion Control"

3- A Backstepping Design of a Control System for a Magnetic Levitation System


5- Dynamic Simulation of the Maglev Guideway Design

6- Control of an Electromagnetic Vehicle Suspension




Free Maglev Seminars to Download


1- Ray Russell, Course Instructor Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar EE 155, "MAGNETIC LEVITATION VEHICLES"




Free Maglev Presentations to Download


1- Toward More Efficient Transport: The Inductrack Maglev System

2- Progress of the Maglev Transportation in China

3- Feasibility of a High-Speed Intermodal Corridor for Port of LA/LB

4- The R&D project of HTS magnets for the superconducting maglev


6- ThyssenKrupp Technologies, Strategic Focus – Leading-edge Technology – Value Driver

7- A unique field experiment to assess the noise annoyance caused by maglev trains


9- American Maglev Technology, Inc.

10- Low Cost, High Value Maglev

11- Control of a magnetic levitation system using fast derivative estimation

12- ASD Case Notes: Costs and benefits of Applying Formal Methods to Industrial Control Software

13- A “Made in America” Maglev System for U.S. Transportation

14- Toepassing Lineaire Machines: Magnetische Zweeftreinen

15- Maglev and Linear Motors for Goods Movement

16- Maglev Technology, Fault Tolerance and Safety

17- Transrapid Maglev System


19- SCAG Maglev Task Force, Concrete Magway

20- Thermo-Mechanical Analyses of Large and Complex Structures

21- Super Conduction, Application in Transportation - Maglev Train




Free Maglev Games to Download


1- UDK-Maglev


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